Urban Agriculture Manual

Urban Agriculture Production Resources


This is a curated and annotated collection of production resources for urban and peri-urban growers. Crop production is an integral part of the overall food system. It includes planting and soil management, weed control, management of pests and diseases, food safety, season extension, and post-harvest management techniques. However, a grower’s success is not only dependent on the growing of crops, but also the understanding of their market. This requires the development of a business/marketing plan as well as the evaluation and feasibility of the proposed business and marketability of the product. The  publications in this online resource are meant as guides for small to medium-scale, fresh-market growers in urban/peri-urban areas emphasizing organic and/or sustainable production practices.

We welcome suggestions for new resources or for topics you would like to see addressed.   Please contact Julie Dawson, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin-Madison, dawson@hort.wisc.edu.

Resources on food systems and policy-level questions are available through the Community Food Systems Toolkit, https://fyi.uwex.edu/foodsystemstoolkit/.  The toolkit is a curated collection of action-oriented resources to help practitioners and community groups plan, implement and evaluate a variety of community food system initiatives.

The manual was created as part of the Community and Regional Food Systems project, http://www.community-food.org/,  funded by USDA-AFRI.  It is maintained by the Urban and Regional Food Systems group, http://dawson.horticulture.wisc.edu/, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.