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Research and Extension

Tomatoes Hoop House 4

  • Vegetable varieties selected for flavor and quality. Collaboration with other plant breeders, seed producers, farmers, chefs and local food consumers to test varieties for local food systems.
  • Season extension using hoop houses/high tunnels, comparison of tomato varieties for hoop house and field production.
  • Use of genetic diversity and genetic resources in plant breeding for organic agriculture: better methods of screening germplasm collections and identifying promising accessions.
  • Participatory research methods and statistics for analyzing decentralized and unbalanced experiments or breeding projects
  • Support for beginning farmers in urban and peri-urban areas, and facilitating opportunities for farmer-to-farmer education

luna circle transplantsTeaching

Hort 375: Organic Vegetable Production

Offered alternate spring semesters.  Next offered Spring 2019

National priorities for organic vegetable variety trials

We conducted a survey and planning workshop withe the Organic Seed Alliance and Oregon State University on national priorities for organic vegetable variety trials.  Find the report from the survey and workshop here: Organic Variety Trials and Seeds Summit Proceedings

Seed to Kitchen Collaborative Variety Trials

Trial reports available for download here

We conduct annual variety trials of common vegetable crops, to identify well-adapted varieties for local production systems and direct-to-consumer markets.

Urban and peri-urban farm enterprises are diverse in their marketing and management strategies, and we provide research support for small-scale farm and food enterprises serving regional markets. We welcome input on research priorities and ideas for projects.  If you are interested in participating in research or education projects, please contact me!

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