Research interests

Urban and peri-urban farm enterprises are very diverse in their marketing and management strategies, and I am interested in providing research support for small-scale farm and food enterprises serving regional markets, and community gardens focused on food security.  I welcome input on research priorities and ideas for projects.  If you are interested in participating in research or education projects, please contact me!

Potential research topics include:

  • Early-season extension methods and late-season value-added processing
  • Options for more diversified products and a more balanced seasonal workload
  • Scale-appropriate equipment and technology
  • High-value rotation crops and cover crops for small acreage
  • Local varieties for small-acreage farms and gardens: traits such as flavor, nutrition and quality
  • Crop and variety characteristics for small spaces or shallow soils
  • Use of genetic diversity to improve product quality and agronomic performance, beneficial associated biodiversity, especially in fragmented habitats

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