May 13- Planting Day

photo 3Planting day in the hoop house was quite an experience. photo 2The weather was cold and wet, so it was nice to be under the cover of plastic. We began by finishing the black plastic laying job started the previous week by Anders, Wes, Rachel, Felipe and Richard. When it came time to plant, we divided up into a few groups. One group measured out planting spaces using a length of twine with a knot tied every 26 inches, and using a sharpie to poke a hole in the plastic at each planting site. Another group labeled stakes with plot numbers and the names of each of the 42 varieties of tomato and tomatillo we planted. Another group laid the tomatos out on the beds, and still another group planted. I busied myself putting the drip irrigation system together (you can see the water tank which feeds the drip in the photo). photo 4Trial and error was the theme of the day as we forged new systems for completing each task efficiently. We were lucky to have a tireless crew helping to get all the wee tomato starts in the ground. photo 2-1Even a few days later, the plants are starting to differentiate themselves. They vary in height, leaf shape and even color- one variety, though apparently healthy, is certainly more purple than green! I can’t wait to see how the plants continue to express themselves in the hoop house and in the field.



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